Here they are our Guides about the content available in the website.

There is no unique prescription because there are no similar bodies. Training and diet should be exclusive. Thinking about it, we developed our content based on different difficulty levels of execution, intensity and conditioning. Besides that, we advise on the gradual evolution of these levels, following technical and scientific standards.

Our goal is the safe and conscious physical activity that respects body dynamics and its limits.

The articles of the Training categories bring the following specifications

Level Bar 1

                                       Beginer: Here are preparatory exercises. The goals are developing the correct performance of the movement, and make the body use to the techniques. They aim to develop coordination, body consciousness and conditioning. The exercises are important to any person, because they guarantee the safe improvement of the training level, avoiding injuries. A common mistake is skipping steps like this one and practice high intensity exercises for which the body is not prepared. Besides not accelerating results, it can cause problems.

Level bar 2

Intermediate: These exercises are for people who already have the correct performance of the movements. They can include weights or not, begin angle variations, level of difficulty, and body consciousness. They also aim to improve conditioning. As the same as the level before, they should not cause joint pain or discomfort.

level bar 3

Advanced: These exercises suggest more accurate techniques. They require a high-level of body consciousness and conditioning. They are primarily made with coach assistance and moderated rhythm until the person feels comfortable with the performance, intensity and weight.


Your instructor is the most qualified person to evaluate your conditioning level and which level of difficulty and weight that are good for you.

 References and Qualifications

We are committed to our reader, offering trustful content, scientifically based. Our articles can suggest complementary readings, recommend websites and scientific publications. The selection of references follows quality standards and they are previously checked by our editorial team. All the references are mentioned only by title with a direct link to the original content. It’s important to recognize the researcher’s work, ensuring direct access to its content. Our mission is to promote knowledge and spread of the scientific content.